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Welcome to the official web site of Loonies Software! Here you can find lots of useful and free programs made specially for you. Please don't hesitate to send your questions and suggestions to e-mail: loonies at

September 16, 2012. Our free PC-boosting utility, Actual Booster has just been updated to the version 3.2.
March 21, 2012. DOSShell 1.9.60 was released.
February 7, 2012. Released TOneInstance 1.6.1, the freeware Embarcadero Delphi VCL component.
February 11, 2011. DOSShell is updated to v1.8.
June 10, 2010. Our frontend for DOSBox, DOSShell was updated to the version 1.7.
February 21, 2010. A new screensaver is available - Free 2010 Winter Olympics Screensaver.
January 18, 2010. Our DOSBox frontend, DOSShell was updated to the version 1.6.
January 10, 2010. A new program is available for downloading - Free USA Flag 3D Screensaver.
November 1, 2009. Updated version of DOSShell, 1.5 is available: enhanced compatibility with Windows Vista & Seven, added support for the latest DOSBox version 0.73.
April 12, 2007. Updated CursorUS v1.9 is now available.
December 11, 2006. We have released a new unique product, software audiobook player for Windows - Angel's Vox.
September 24, 2006. A new product is available - ExifCleaner 1.0. It lets you to strip Exif data entirely or to remove individual Exif tags.
August 6, 2006. Updated CursorUS v1.8 is now available.
July 18, 2006. Updated URI Crypter v3.1 is now available.
July 11, 2006. Updated CursorUS v1.7 is now available.
June 18, 2006. New program is available - URI Crypter v3.0.
June 9, 2006. New software product is available - No Saber Throw Mod & No Lightnings Mod v1.2.
June 9, 2006. New software product is available - Battle of Heroes Mod v2.5.
May 1, 2006. Updated DOSShell v1.4 is now available.
January 11, 2006. Updated DOSShell v1.2 is now available.
January 8, 2006. New program is available - DOSShell v1.0.
December 10, 2005. Updated Actual Booster v3.1 is now available.
November 29, 2005. Updated Actual Booster v3.0 is now available.
August 31, 2005. Updated CursorUS v1.5 is now available.
August 1, 2005. German version of our site was opened. It is available here.
July 21, 2005. New program is available - CursorUS v1.4.
June 19, 2005. Updated Caffe1ne v1.5 is now available.
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